The “Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of India (SELSI)” was founded at AIIMS, New Delhi, India on 27th March 2008.

It was founded with the main aim of providing teaching and training to surgeons (especially in smaller cities) by way of Proctorship – Preceptor Ship, Conferences and Live Operative Workshops. Another objective was to develop SELSI accredited training centresacross the country where training in both basic and advanced Laparoscopic procedures could be imparted to surgeons following the ancient teaching method of Gurukul with no financial gains.

SELSI is an educational, non-profitable corporation that is regulated by its accepted bylaws and all amendments, rules and regulations that become duly incorporated into it in the future.

The following were the Founder Executive Committee members –

  1. Prof M C Misra – Convenor
  2. Prof S D Maurya – Founder President
  3. Prof V K Bansal – Hony Secretary
  4. Prof Subodh Kumar – Hony Treasurer
  5. Dr Amit Srivastava – Hony Jt Secretary

It was because of their vision, guidance and leadership, SELSI family which started the journey with 20 members in 2008 has been joined by close to 3100 members !!

We invite you to become a member of SELSI and actively participate in its academic activities.


With Warm Regards

Our Leadership

Prof M C Misra (Founder Convenor)

Prof S D Maurya (Founder President)

Dr Rajesh Bhojwani (President )

Prof V K Bansal (Imm.Past President )

Dr Amit Srivastava (Hony Secretary)

Dr Sameer Kumar (Hony Joint Secretary)

Dr Asuri Krishna
(Hony Joint Secretary)

Prof Subodh Kumar (Hony Treasurer)