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The Mission of the SELSI is to provide a professional forum for the exchange of information and education regarding historic, current, and future methods of diagnosis and treatment in Minimal Access Surgery. These include:

1 - Periodic meetings for open presentation and discussion of scientific material concerning subjects of common interest.

2 - Cooperation in educational endeavors with groups of similar interest throughout the world.

3 - Initiation or cooperation in the publication of a journal and/or newsletter on the subject of minimal access surgery.

4 - Undertake other projects of scientific interest to seek information, or with goals desired by the organization that serve the mission of the organization.

About Your SELSI

The “Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of India (SELSI)” was founded in AIIMS, New Delhi, India on 27th March 2008. It is to be an educational, non-profitable corporation that will be regulated by its accepted bylaws, and all amendments, rules and regulations that become duly incorporated into it in the future.